четверг, 20 ноября 2014 г.

Mr. Bananas Company

“Mr. Bananas Company”  is finding for new employees. Do you want to start your career in company which offers a lot of BENEFITS? Please, write your letters of application on our email babananasheaven@email.com.

What Mr. Bananas Company is?

It is famous company which imports high-quailited bananas in countries all over the world. All our employees have TEAM SPIRIT and COMMON GOAL. We always say “Nice bananas in each house”.

In our company you can find LUCRATIVE and FULFILLING job. Now we need to create a new team with young creative people. We are looking for designer, PR-specialist and the head of shipping department.

Only our company can offer you wonderful BENEFIT PACKAGE which includes MATERNITY LEAVE, HEALTHCARE PROVISION, PENSION and PERFORMANCE-RELATED BONUS SCHEME (of course if you are PROACTIVE and try to take INITIATIVE. Also all our stuff is provided by 2 kg of bananas PER months.

Working in Bananas Heaven Company you will never gave SHORTFALL on you DEBIT CARD, be sure. Also working in company includes a lot of trips around the world. Our colleagues often visit Thailand, India, Australia, Jamaica and we always cover all their TRAVEL EXPENCES. 

In Mr. Bananas Company we don’t have HARD-HIT on your health. You will be never STRESSED OUT and work will be really interesting. You will have an opportunity to communicate a lot and use your creativity.

Forget about HECTIC days in your office and RIGOROUS boss. Don’t be PROCRASTINATE, fill in your application, maybe Mr. Bananas Company waiting only for you. So JOT DOWN our email, because we are waiting for you!

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  1. You can't even imagine how much I love bananas! I would say my love for them is blind! ;) I have an amazing idea for your company. Would you provide your employees with subsidized canteen where they could eat bananas for a breakfast, lunch and diner? It would be cool for such bananas lover like me ! :)

    1. I think, that if employees will eat just bananas for a breakfast,lunch and diner,that it will be the dead end for them. ))))
      I like benefit package and I'm initiative persone, I will send you my resume, and I hope you will give me a job ;)