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Nelson Mandela said "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" and I totally agree with him. I suppose, Sugata Mirta from one of the proposed videos, also GRASP THE IMPORTANCE of the educational process, but some of his ideas seem controversial for me.
In simple words, he sees the future of education in computers and as I understand, without attending school. OPINIONS ARE DIVIDED, but I think students of PRIMARY and SECONDARY school should HAVE LESSONS and DO THEIR HOMEWORK too. In general I take the views about obsolete education, but in the same time I don't think all little students are so highly motivated to learn something only with the help of computers. Of course modern technologies should take place in the system of education, but attending school helps children to understand what the discipline and duties are.
Unfortunately, Ukrainian educational system doesn't give students an opportunity to LEARN THROUGH PRACTICE when they STUDY A SUBJECT or DO A COURSE. You're only goof off writing and reading a lot of theory, but very often in school you don't have enough time IMPROVE your knowledges WITH PRACTICE.
It is nice for teacher's if they can work through "Clouds", as Mr.Mirta said, and I like the idea about one teacher"grandmother", who will have the roll of curator and will manage the work of children.
Another interesting question is exams. Who like to PASS THE EXAMS? Nobody, I think. Mr.Mirta says children's brain understand these stressful situations as threats. On the one hand, you should HIT THE BOOKS and BURN THE MIDNIGHT OIL before the exam, if you want to PASS IT WITH FLYING COLOURS. But when a student LEARN theory BY HEART it doesn't mean he will remember it on the next week. On the other hand, exam is one of the most stressful situation and it can show a student how he cat to deal with it. As for me students in primary school only don't need any examinations and their learning should be only through playing, as Mr.Mirta offers. I think the teacher "grandmother", will help to organise the work in the class and don't only CRACK BOOKS, but play with students. Only in such way they can discover GIFTED CHILDREN, EAGER BEAVERS and future STRAIGHT-A STUDENTS in each class.
IT'S MY FIRM CONVICTION than we should raise our children curios and open-minded and only in that case the process of studying for them will be AS EASY AS ABC.

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