вторник, 24 февраля 2015 г.

Letter to Victoria

Hello, Victoria!
How are you? I'm OK and it's my first week in New York, so I try TO GET ACCLIMATIZED to the atmosphere of the USA. I'm really appreciate your help, because your tips were very useful and important for me.
Firstly, I got A NEW PASSPORT. It wasn't difficult and I had no problems with it. Next I try to pack my baggage. It was little hard, because I knew I should bring only the most important things like clothes. Also, I brought several books with me. It was sad that my family should FLEE FROM Russia, but it was dangerous to stay here for a long time and in the same time I was delighted with the opportunity to change my life. Also, I knew there were huge Russian ETHNIC GROUP in the US so I hoped we easily could TO INEGRATE.
Then my family and me sailed to Ellis Island. It was a long trip, but it was also the first time I saw the ocean. There was very kind man, who was a SKIPPER, he asked me about my family and why we WERE UPROOTED from our home. He told me a lot about New York and he hoped we could LEAVE IN PEACE with NATIVES. My mum afraid there are a lot STEREOTYPES about Russians but we hope we'll quickly GET ACCUSTOMED TO all customs and FAITHS.
As you said, before going to New York we should passed through health and legal inspections at Ellis Island. We all was afraid about that, but it was OK. Inspector only asked me about my name and where I came from. He also said that there they had no place for DICRIMINATION and violence and persons who break the rules can be easily DEPORT.
And that in was New York! Wow, I was really jubilant and ecstatic! The Lower East Side was crowded and there were a lot of people who spoke Russian too. Firs of all we took our baggage to our apartments and there was one problem, we didn't have a stove. I remember you said that in is an important thing, because only in this way we can heat our apartments and cook food. We had some savings so we decided to buy it. That day my sister and me WENT FOR A WANDER and DID SIGHTSEEING. We looked for interesting places in our new city and we found New York FLOURISHING and STUNNING place.

My parents and Me decided my sister and me should so to school. After school we help our mother with the sewing, because she works at the factory, as my father. Of course we help with the household chores, my sister doing laundry and I sweep and mop the floor, so I DO MY BIT. On weekends' parents allow my sister and me LAZE AROUND ang GET AWAY FROM IT ALL so we always try to GET AROUND and discover New York.

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