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Letter for Freshers! :)

Hello, dear Fresher!

If you read this letter it seems to me the Vocabulary classes started.
I hope you are an eager beaver, because if you wanna succeed in this subject you should be ready to hit the books.
Vocabulary class is the best opportunity to improve your language skills, really, but at the same time it can be difficult for you, even if you're straight A student.  So now I want to give you some tips how to keep up with all the thing you should learn during this fascinating course! Bear in mind that it's real piece of advice, which were made after a year of hard hard work :)
The first thing is about attending the classes. You shouldn't play truant, because we usually had our Vocabulary class only once a week and we had there a lot of activities which really were helpful and gave us the opportunity to learn by heart all the things you didn't do at home, lol.
Secondly, it'll be great if you'll keep your own notes, because it is the thing which will help you to brush up new vocabulary in an effective way.
Than, I will strongly recommend to do all the exercises for homework. Sometimes you won't check it in the class but a lot of them  will appear unexpectedly in your module test, so don't forget look through it before the test.
And the main thing you should remember is very simple: "DO NOT PROCRASTINATE WRITING YOUR BLOG POSTS". NEVER. Even if you think you're a quick learner and even if you think you have natural talent for learning foreign languages.
So, here is some simple tips you can follow during studying this course, but I don't want to reveal all the secrets and I believe you're thirst for knowledge. 
 XOXO, Alina

P.S. Be ready for a lot of extrimely creative tasks! ;)

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